Task visualizer

An open source application

18 Apr 2021

Software Developer, Technical Writer
ReactJS, ExpressJS, Agile, CI/CD, Git, GitHub workflows, Mocha and Chai testing, Mermaid

In 2020, I had an idea for an application to assist with task tracking. In my spare time, I decided to build the application, available on GitHub, which with very little effort helps me keep track of my work and that of my team. To this day, I enjoy using the application for personal productivity because I find it much faster than updating cards in Kanban boards.

The application can be used for team productivity, but currently from only one user’s text file. Optimally, for team use, it would support multiple files maintained by separate users (a potential future enhancement).

See this blog post for information about how I arrived at this task tracking method. See the application Help page for a development history and reference documentation.

Animated image showing the TODO text file on the left, rendered as the Gantt and Apex charts on the right.