So many symbols

so much time

28 July 2006

Dedicated to Lana Wachowski


sine, folded

Christian fish symbola simple, self-amplifying system, which resonates to the right. blue shift. appolonian reign.


minus sine, folded

Darwin fishanother simple, self-amplifying system, which resonates to the left. red shift. dionysian reign.


together, sine and -sine unfold

Christian and Darwin fish nose to nose forming a horizontal spiralgetting somewhere, but still an infinite spiral along only one dimension.



in need of a tangent

yin yang symbola different view of the same spiral, possibly more sustainable from this angle, yet still bound to only one dimension.


periodic tangent

Neo, crucified, in The Matrixthe inevitable pulsar breaks free of x for a peaceful flash of a moment. as artemis slays dionysus in sacrifice, there is new awareness for apollo. yellow/green/gold shift. a blank new white slate. yet, the moment is brief; the spiral continues.



a Kandinsky paintingperhaps someday we’ll get here and understand where ‘here’ is. Or, perhaps we need not understand, but simply be.


Gary Faircloth
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