A perl poem

26 September 1998


@whoiam = ('hacker','professional','guru');
$nirvana = $icouldbe = 'hobbyist';
$iamreally = 'goof';
while ($iwish = shift @whoiam) {
    print "A $icouldbe is a $iamreally who thinks he's a $iwish.\n";
    $iamreally = $icouldbe;
    $icouldbe = $iwish;
print "A $icouldbe is a $iamreally who wishes he were a $nirvana.\n";

A hobbyist is a goof who thinks he’s a hacker.
A hacker is a hobbyist who thinks he’s a professional.
A professional is a hacker who thinks he’s a guru.
A guru is a professional who wishes he were a hobbyist.

Gary Faircloth

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