Hand-crafted beads and meals

EuroTrip 2006

25 August 2006

Start with beads, end with Salmon

While Amelie and Kaitlyn spend the whole day shopping together, Andrea, mom, and I start the day going to a beading class (after Andrea drops Victoria off at kindergarten). Today’s lesson is a ring. Andrea makes a perfect ring, mom almost finishes hers by the end of class, and I, with the teachers help, make a ring that is too big for anyone’s finger but mine. But I’m not wearing this colorful thing. I think it makes a perfect toe ring for Kaitlyn to wear on the beach one day.

After beading class, we get some more fruit at the market and have lunch at a soup and salad shop by the Kaiserswerth hospital. Andrea’s Latvian nanny joins us, followed shortly thereafter by Luciano and Margot. We all head home where the salmon is in the smoker for tonight. It’s a relaxing afternoon for mom, Luciano, Margot, and me in the backyard. Andrea takes Victoria to and from dance class while the nanny prepares the side dishes in a lovely arrangement. By the time dinner is ready, the table is nice and festive again, but this time with flower pedals. We enjoy Luciano’s veal and melon appetizers before the fish, and whoops.. “the steak!” No problem for Andrea. Kaitlyn is patient, enjoying sitting next to Victoria, who captures all of our attention toward the end of dinner.

We spend our last moments with everyone and head off to bed. Kaitlyn calls her mom and is so excited to be going home. It’s been a long trip.

Gary Faircloth

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