Bad Homburg

EuroTrip 2006

18 August 2006

Bad Homburg

Hans u. Gerti take us to the palace at Bad Homburg. I think it still has the original wood floors, which is why the tour guide gives us felt-bottom slippers to cover our shoes. We “polish the floors” as we go through the tour. The tour guide is evidently a native of Frankfurt, because he speaks a dialect. He also speaks very, very fast. Mom can’t even understand much of what he says. But it was enjoyable.

Hans u. Gerti take us inside a church. The inscriptions on the wall are Protestant in nature (John 3:16, etc.), but the the church/cathedral is very beautifully decorated with gold-layered tile work. Behind the altar is a tiled mosaic of a very Byzantine-looking Jesus. (I can’t believe we didn’t take any pictures of the inside, but I did find this church on the Web. It’s called the Erlöserkirche of Bad Homburg and it’s Evangelisch.)


Later, we visit Meta und Manfred for lunch at their home. Meta is originally from Köln and misses it. But she enjoys their place here very much.

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