EuroTrip 2006

17 August 2006

Hallo, Frieda!

The bus doesn’t leave until 09:59, so we have another easy morning except for the long uphill cobblestone climb to the main gate of the old city. We arrive in the Frankfurt Süd Bahnhof and have to take Straßenbahn Nr. 11. The guy in the train station turns us around a couple of times, then with some help, we figure out the ticket machine and get our tickets just as the streetcar arrives. Finding Frieda’s house is fun. We find a pay phone, call her, and she meets us at the streetcar stop.

Ah, we did it! We’re pretty much done with our tourist stuff now. The rest of the trip we get to relax and visit people.

Laundry. Nap. Unpack. We take a walk to Hans und Gerti’s Haus, where they feed us a delicious healthy meal (Hans lost 20 lbs. on a Corn Flakes diet). I discover that I’m not the only one who collects kids’ knick-knacks. They have Gummi Bear and Mekki statuettes.

Later Hans gives us a tour of Frankfurt. We see some Roman ruins, the Dom (cathedral), Starbucks, and climb to the top floor of a trendy young mall to get a view of the city at night.

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