Paris shopping

EuroTrip 2006

8 August 2006

Le Galeries Lafayette

Because we lost some time yesterday waiting for me to arrive, we decide to not go to Versailles today, but to instead get some shopping in and tour the old city.

Bistro B cafe in the Rue Cler neighborhood is our regular hangout. It’s right by the Ecole Militaire Metro station and close to our hotel. We have breakfast there (inside because they are working on the street). I couldn’t find where I put Patrick’s directions to the store that morning, so Kaitlyn asks for directions from the street magazine vendor. But the guy doesn’t know. Our waitress, however, knows exactly where to find Le Galeries Lafayette. We hop the Metro and go shopping.

We spend most of our time on the 4th floor—lingerie. Our young lady needs a bra with straps that look nice when they show. We find the perfect one. It’s €60, but that’s the price you pay for fashion. She wears it out of the store and we head toward the old city.


The old city

Notre Dame is nice, but I want to be sure to see St. Chapelle before the sun goes down, so we don’t tour the inside of Notre Dame. We make our way to St. Chapelle and take pictures of the pretty windows.

We make our way to the Metro and back to the hotel. Mom’s not hungry, but Kaitlyn and I go to Bistro B for a nice dinner.

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