That said

grammar cringe

11 Dec 2021

It’s very popular these days, so go ahead, use ’that said’ or ’that being said’. It’s quite helpful when there’s introductory information that’s somewhat long. It helps reorient the listener and get things on track.

That said, use it correctly, please!

Use it only when the subsequent information is somewhat counter to the previous information, when there’s concessive information to follow. Go ahead, look it up. If you have more to say that doesn’t contrast the first idea, use something else like: ‘anyway’, ‘moving on’, or ’now that that’s out of the way’. Otherwise, folks are left waiting for a counter point that never arrives. It’s kind of a let down. But most of all it sounds pretty silly, actually.

Actually, it reminds me of how we preppie and yuppie gen-X-ers redundantly and overly used the word ‘actually’ in the ’90s, actually. Total cringe! Like, totally. Yeah.

Anyway, that’s all. Thanks for listening.