Those to thank, in no particular order

Maxence Wolff
This theme’s design inspiration
This theme is more than inspired from his Astro portfolio and blog theme. I was captured by its simplicity and clean lines.
MIT License
Kevin Powell
CSS education
I wouldn’t consider myself that great at CSS, but without guidance from his courses and YouTube videos, I’d be much worse!
General inspiration
Diving into HTML5up themes was my first venture into SASS and when I discovered the amazing things that can be done with grid, variables, and utility classes.
Howard Ignatius
The background
The place I call home
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic
Studioshot AI
Byline avatar
Yup, I paid ~$30 for AI to make me look presentable.
A long career
I wouldn’t be where I am today without gaining experience from this company: the great friends, knowledgeable colleagues, supportive leadership, challenging projects, diverse culture, and so much more. Indeed, 29 years well-spent.
This theme
Inspired by Max’s design, but too different than a PR or fork could provide. In this theme, I hope I’ve still maintained the elegance of his, despite the differences.
MIT License
Steve Matteson
OpenSans font
SIL Open Font License
Raph Levien
Inconsolata font
SIL Open Font License
Build framework
Apache License, 2.0